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Payment History

Payment History : 

This is self explanatory, but if you have 100% on time payments, lenders are more willing to give you a loan because you can be trusted to pay it back on time. This is also crucial and can impact your score greatly.


Side note – A late payment does not refer to your lender notifying you that your payment is late.. This hit to your credit is reported to your account on a late payment over 90 days. While this is a good thing to know, it is always best to pay them as soon as you get the notice if you have forgotten or had a new payment method added and forgot to setup your automatic payment method.

Let’s face it, everyone is human and will make mistakes in their time, but when I had received a notice of my payment being late I stressed out about it because I thought it was going to immediately affect my score, until I learned that it was from excessive late days.

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