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About Us

Even as a child, I was always fascinated by money.  It would not be a surprise to anyone who knew me that I would still have Christmas and Birthday money left over from the year prior while everyone else I knew had rushed out for the newest toy and was anxiously awaiting their next big holiday and it’s payout.

As I grew older and entered into the workforce, a new habit had formed: I was constantly checking my bank account and reviewing my checks.  This led to me being able to purchase a motorcycle at the young age of 17!  It was a simple yet effective way to establish the credit I needed to get one step closer to the 800 mark. I had heard this was a struggle to obtain for many, let alone a person barely out of their teens.  Shortly after my motorcycle was paid off,  I was able to purchase a brand new car and eventually become a home owner at the age of 21!  I accomplished these things on my own at such a young age because I was managing my open accounts and keeping on top of my finances.

When I was applying for these loans, I learned that even with just a minor mistake of having my first credit card from when I was 16 closed on me due to inactivity, it had affected my score a couple of points because of the “Age of credit history” I went from having a credit history averaging 4-5 years to a new average of only 2 years! (this is what lenders are looking at to help aid in the security of giving you a loan due to ‘experience’ )

One reason for this card being closed is because of the amount of credit line available was only $500 and while many people may not ever use the full $500, I was eager to show lenders that I was capable of charging and paying for goods in a timely and consistent manner. This card became useless to me because I was making and paying purchases over that amount, but needed to have the wiggle room for the whole “Card utilization” part which again, has an affect on your credit.

That is why I am offering my services to help people who may not have the time, interest or knowledge to stay on top of their finances like I have.1upCredit is here to help you breathe extra life into your credit!  I understand that people don’t have enough time in the day to get everything accomplished, and it is all too easy for little things to slip through the cracks. These things can hurt your credit score, which will inevitably affect your ability to get loans and better percentage rates in the future.

Let us take this task off your to-do list and get you onto bigger and better things !